High-Quality Alteration Services in San Antonio, TX

Here’s a dirty secret that the clothing manufacturers don’t want you to know: practically nobody fits perfectly into clothing bought right off the rack. All of our bodies are beautifully unique, so chances are, we all need a little help for our clothes to truly fit well on us. That’s where Young’s Cleaners & Alterations comes in.

San Antonio's Alteration Experts

We provide full alteration services for dresses, suits, pants, wedding dresses, military uniforms, and more. In addition to alterations, we can also provide repairs if you’ve popped a button on a dress shirt or ripped your favorite pair of pants. Don’t throw away clothing that still has years of useable life in it. Bring it to Young’s Cleaners & Alterations instead!

Why Choose Young's Cleaners & Alterations

Young’s Cleaners & Alterations has been serving clients in the San Antonio area since 2000. Since we opened our doors, we have strived to be the best alterations and cleaning professionals in the area, and have worked hard to make the cleaning experience something great for the clients we service. We have multiple locations in San Antonio, which makes it easy and convenient for clients to find us, no matter where they are in the city! Our business is family-owned, and offers a wide range of cleaning specials, as well as alterations and repairs for all of your needs. Give us a call today, or stop by one of our many locations listed below!

Laundry Services, Military Uniform Alterations, Patch Sewing & More!

We can handle all of the following clothing alterations and repairs:

  • Alterations for Formalwear
  • Alterations for Casualwear
  • Alterations for Wedding Dresses
  • Clothing Repairs

  • Patch Sewing
  • Name Tapes for Military Uniforms
  • And More!

Whether you want to make sure your wedding dress fits perfectly or you need help hemming a pair of pants, Young’s Cleaners & Alterations is here for you. Stop by today or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you!

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